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Elaine and Candi have a proven track record of working tirelessly for Westport’s kids.  In this time of uncertainly and fiscal crisis in the State of Connecticut, Elaine and Candi are uniquely suited to preserve the educational excellence Westport deliver to every child.  Both are independent thinkers who work constructively and collaboratively with others. With a passion for education, wide array of personal relationships, ability to communicate effectively, keen intellect, and understanding of the broader context in which we live, they are well-equipped to serve as members of the Board of Education, now and in the future.   


Our cherished schools are at an inflection point—one in which it is vital for leaders to grasp and work in a complex, evolving context. Changes to school funding born of the fiscal crisis in Hartford promise to further impact Westport.  The Board of Education, working with other town bodies, will need to step up and work proactively and imaginatively to ensure that the quality of our children’s education remains outstanding.


Simply put, the health of our community is at stake.  To remain a vital and attractive place to raise a family, Westport must be an oasis of progress and quality, regardless of the situation in Hartford. Elaine and Candi know that the best way to maintain our community’s status and appeal is to fortify our public schools.  


The Board of Education, now more than ever, is faced with the challenge of providing the best possible resources to our children while being fiscally responsible.  Elaine and Candi have the strength, sensitivity, good sense and sharp thinking to successfully lead our schools to continued success.  Scrutinizing every budgetary expenditure, seeking cost savings, and negotiating effectively, Elaine and Candi will continue to make the absolute best use of town resources.  


Elaine and Candi are thrilled that we as a community have decided to prioritize the emotional education of our children.  The guiding principles adopted by the Board of Education - social and emotional awareness, kindness with sincerity, principled in thought and action, and learning always – demonstrate that we as a community resist the deterioration of civility we see in the larger culture. As we produce citizens who can compete and lead in the 21st century, we must also produce citizens who can care, empathize, and solve problems.  Elaine and Candi will continue to strongly emphasize the education of the whole child, nurturing both ethics and intellect.  


As we move forward as a community, our public schools will continue to be the cornerstone of our success.  Our children’s welfare, our standard of living, even our property values, all depend on the continuing excellence of our schools.  Elaine and Candi understand that we cannot rest on our laurels.  They will work to ensure that Westport remains a beacon of educational excellence.

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